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North Platte Daily Telegraph Reference Letter

June 10, 2010

To Whom It May Concern:

In early 2007 the North Platte Telegraph underwent the transition from our proprietary circulation system to APT's Falcon Circulation System. As with any transition from one system to another, customer service issues needed addressed. Though customer service is measured in a variety of methods, APT does have some good people at the helm.

Functionality verses mythology of how a circulation system operates generally creates the biggest hurdle in customer service. In my experience, I have found that being open minded of the methodology how Falcon works, makes it much easier to understand. If you look at Falcon and understand how it operates, you will feel the level of service you receive from APT is very good. If you do not clearly understand how Falcon operates and expect the support team to customize every aspect of the software, you will feel some pain within your operation and feel as though the changes may not be happening as fast as you desire.

Frankly, the ease in which a circulation system can be converted to a new operating system comes in the ability of the vendor to have knowledge of circulation and how a circulation system should integrate within a circulation department. The more information you give to Sid and his team during install, the more successful the entire install will be. Often poor customer service is blamed on a vendor when the real issue is that a vital piece of the pie was left out during one of the early talks on converting the system. The more knowledge you have in your operation, the better APT can support you during and after your conversion.

I have personally worked with Sid Kendrick and his people throughout the conversion of North Platte Telegraph as well as the conversion of Grand Island Independent. I can say without a doubt that Sid is one of the most knowledgeable people in the circulation industry when it comes to software and how it ties to a circulation operation. He brings years of experience as a circulation director to the table with each one of his installs.

Sid and his staff are committed to making sure you have the tools you need for the job. These are tools I might add and it is up to your operation to insure the tools are used correctly. Again failure to retain this knowledge will result in a feeling of poor customer support.

Basically customer service is in the eye of the individual needing it at the time. Everyone wants it yesterday and the truth is that not everything is a crisis. APT does prioritize issues and the will address major issues immediately. I can truly say Sid and his people at APT have always ensured we were able to accomplish what the system was designed to do.

APT has a true desire to make their products work within the operation. The success of the customer service comes from the local operations ability to retain and work with them in a professional manner.

Respectfully submitted,

Joe Volcek
Circulation Director
North Platte Telegraph



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