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Wooster Republican Printing Co. Reference Letter

June 16, 2010

During my tenure as the IT Director at Wooster Republican Printing Co., I worked with APT deploying the Falcon Circulation system at 7 newspapers, and our 8 paper weekly division. We converted from an aging DSI system, and APT developed a scrape system to convert all of our data from canned reports in the DSI system. This allowed us to bring over all of our existing data. APT also built processes in the conversion to clean up our address base which was an enormous benefit to us.

I found the staff at APT to be very responsive, easy to work with, and very knowledgeable throughout the conversion process and beyond.

After the conversions APT's ongoing support was excellent. When you pay for on-going support you often feel that you do not get what you pay for. This was not the case with APT. They were available at any time we called, day or night. They were also exceedingly patient even when helping us with self inflicted problems. In addition, APT does regular program updates which add significant enhancements to the product.

As an IT person, I find the Falcon software to be well organized, well written, and easy to maintain. Reports are Crystal based making modifications to standard reports pretty straightforward. Beyond standard reporting The Falcon Query tool allows your circulation personnel to get on the fly customized reports to meet almost any need.

I highly recommend both APT as a company, and their product Falcon Circulation.


James Paul Binion
IT Director
Wooster Republican Printing Co.
815 S Haines Ave.
Alliance, OH 44601
Cell: 330-614-0351



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