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It is our commitment, through reasonable pricing, controlled growth and a partnership approach to the publishing industry, to provide excellent software and excellent service to our customers.

Since 1991, we have developed, enhanced and sold the Falcon (previously known as ACT) software suite. Falcon software is currently installed in over 300 publishing companies world wide. We are on the leading edge of development of web based software and services.

We derive long-term revenue through our hosted services, software sales, service and support agreements and ongoing training. Unlike many service agreements, our agreement entitles our customers to install the latest version of our products thus continually increasing the value of the software to our customers.

We are constantly incorporating the ideas and suggestions of our customers, the publishing professionals, into our products. This ensures that the products evolve to meet the changing needs of modern day publishing.

Our rational approach to sales, growth and development enables us to attract experienced sales, publishing and technical people. We consider our dedicated staff and our close association with the publishing industry to be our greatest assets.



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APT and its flagship digital management technology solution, Falcon, feature tier-one 24/7 support.

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