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Falcon Accounts Receivable

Falcon Accounts Receivable is a full-featured accounts receivable and collection program. It includes an easy-to-use, graphical interface and a range of customizable features that tailor it to your exact requirements. Falcon Accounts Receivable works seamlessly with Falcon Classified and Falcon Display to provide integrated advertising accounts receivable and collections.


  • Customer credit status is updated automatically
  • Account status is available from Falcon Advertising
  • A/R aging report is a powerful collection tool that includes customer and payment information
  • User defined dunning letters and second and third invoices


  • Statements may be printed in balance brought forward format or full detail of past due items
  • Invoice and statement format is customized for each location
  • Invoices can be printed on postcards
  • User can re-print invoices and statements on demand


  • Balance forward or open item accounting
  • Detailed and complete transaction audit trail
  • All entries are entered and approved in batches
  • Batches may be closed independently
  • Automatic assignment of G/L codes to services and payments
  • User defined accounting periods
  • G/L interface
  • Supports multiple A/R accounts


  • Complete customer information, history and notes
  • Multiple addresses
  • Industry code tracking
  • Relationship tracking
  • Multiple salespersons per account


  • Built-in billing interface to Falcon Advertising
  • Cash discount is calculated automatically during payment entry
  • Express cash entry speeds entry of checks and also handles "lock box" processing
  • Automatic application of cash payments
  • Built-in credit card verification
  • Easy to use adjustment entry screens


  • Powerful customer inquiry screen is Internet browser enabled
  • User can re-print invoices and statements on demand
  • A/R aging report can be sorted by salesperson and highest dollar balance
  • G/L distribution report available for all batches
  • On-screen preview of all reports


  • Automatic processing of unapplied payments and credits
  • Flexible finance charge calculations
  • Easy to use small balance write-off
  • Powerful statement printing includes options to reprint statements
  • User defined dunning letters and second and third invoices
  • Simple, one total balancing
  • Archiving of closed transactions for historical purposes



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