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Falcon Editorial

The Publishing System for the 21st Century

Falcon Editorial is a workflow and content management system for newspaper and magazine publishers, and content creators in general. It allows for easy editing and easy delivery of your content to your website, mobile devices, archive, print or third-party e-commerce opportunities. Falcon Editorial is constantly updated to meet the fast-paced and changing environment in which you work and live. Our unique and personal relationship with our customers allows for free-flowing communication that drives changes and increased functionality of the software. Whether you are a publisher of newspapers or magazines, or a creator of content such as ad agency, corporate communication etc., Falcon Editorial is your total content management solution.

Falcon Editorial

Editorial Product Information

Falcon Editorial can manage your content in various formats, and can convert and distribute your content across platforms and to your website, archive or third-party e-commerce opportunities. Falcon Editorial can maintain text, graphics, audio and video, and this content can be automatically delivered while passing through the normal editing and design process of any publication or business.

Falcon empowers users by:

  • Allowing them to concentrate on content and not technology.
  • Giving them tools to create, review, edit and approve content using their favorite industry-standard tools, such as Microsoft Word, Adobe, InDesign, QuarkXPress or Adobe InCopy.
  • Giving them easy-to-use content history information and extensive versioning controls.
  • Adapting to any workflow.
  • Allowing them to access content from home, office or while traveling.
  • Giving them the ability to automatically schedule the posting and expiration of web content, and automatically send content to an archive.

Falcon Editorial recognizes that publishers have different -- often unique -- metadata requirements. It also acknowledges that different types of files have their own metadata requirements. Falcon Editorial is designed to support custom metadata.

Falcon Editorial has many built-in maintenance tools. It will deliver content via FTP protocol or RSS feed at a predetermined time or constantly throughout a 24-hour cycle. It will clean up temporary content or content that has been marked for deletion by predetermined purge settings by user or type of content.

The modern interface is intuitive, so it requires minimal training.

Using Falcon Editorial for Publishing directly to your web servers

Unlike many existing systems that break their link to the content upon publication, Falcon Editorial will continue to manage the content throughout its life-cycle. If a story is updated in the system, it is republished. If the content expires, it and all of its related components, such as photos, graphics, video and audio, are removed from the server or moved to an archive server.

Scheduling of web content is important for several reasons. Content is not relevant until a particular point in time. Conversely, it may be important to remove some content from the web site on a particular day and at a particular time. For example, the publication rights to an article may have been purchased for a finite period of time, in which case it is crucial to be able to control exactly how long a story is published.

Return on Investment

Falcon Editorial provides a return on investment in several ways. First, because the system maintains itself, there is little that needs to be done by local IT departments. This means few hours are necessary to maintain an editorial system. Second, because the delivery function for Web and archive content can be automated, this means fewer people are needed to post information to websites and to archive content manually.


  • WYSIWYG text format
  • Standard & custom Help available using hot keys
  • Individual user-definable desktop arrangement
  • Falcon bookmarks your workflow
  • H&J and inch count on demand
  • Custom column width feature for non-standard columns
  • Keyboard shortcuts
  • Plugins for Microsoft Word and OpenOffice


  • User-defined Queues and Hierarchies
  • Simultaneous view of multiple stories
  • Drag & Drop stories to move or copy
  • Powerful story sorting
  • Deleted stories saved for later purge
  • Powerful full-text searching
  • Dynamic updating of queues


  • Integrated AP Webfeeds
  • Spanish Wire capability
  • AP content requires no cleaning or formatting
  • Powerful Sports Agate formatting


  • Easy-to-use routing tools
  • Ability for users to create and add xml tags to stories during the editing process.
  • Ability to send content to multiple locations at the same time.


  • Sub-element creation from the page or through Falcon
  • Content changes on page save back to word processing document and are routed to Web
  • Stories may be automatically moved to a "Done" queue after layout
  • Automatic re-flow of changes
  • Plugins for InDesign and Quark to assist pagination


  • Automatic copy backup
  • Database integrity checking
  • Customizable privilege levels
  • User-defined automatic file purging
  • Complete maintenance screens
  • Easy workstation setup
  • Updating procedure for server and workstation that often takes minutes
  • Build-in Digital Asset Management features


  • Story versions reflect changes
  • All edits and views of each story are tracked
  • Remote office support
  • ASCII text capture program



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