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Falcon Order Entry - Advertising

Falcon Order Entry Falcon Order Entry is a feature-rich, Windows-based classified/display advertising and billing system for a variety of publishing environments.

It includes an easy-to-use graphical ad entry interface and many customizable features tailored to your exact requirements.

Falcon Order Entry works seamlessly with Falcon Accounts Receivable and PageMaster Classified Pagination to provide a complete solution from ad entry through production, billing and collections.

Revenue Enhancement

  • Up-sell prompts include messages, customer information and next available rates
  • Internet website and e-mail links
  • Support for on-line Internet ad entry
  • Premium position management
  • Classification-specific ad content wizard
  • Blind box, bold, center charges calculated automatically
  • Proforma Invoice
  • Sales and commission management
  • Sales goal variance (actual vs. forecasted sales)
  • Ad builder wizard
  • Multiple ad preview
  • Cross-selling
  • Support for corporate models
  • Centralized billing
  • Centralized production
  • Revenue tracking by profit center
  • Co-op invoicing


  • Single screen tabbed interface
  • Unlimited publication or zone combinations
  • Dynamic pricing during ad entry
  • WYSIWYG word processor with spell check
  • Graphics entry and management
  • Reverse ads and multiple frame types
  • View premium position availability during ad entry
  • Ability to book classified, display and inserts under the same order
  • Capture subscriber information
  • Sort preference or override by category
  • Co-op ad entry and tracking
  • Different ad size, color, etc. for each insertion
  • Visual calendar
  • Unlimited dates, flexible skip dates, alternate days, etc.
  • Holiday and deadline calendar
  • Zone editions
  • User-definable search criteria
  • Affidavit wizard


  • Customizable functionality per customer requirement
  • Integrated ad creation with QuarkXPress
  • Print or fax proofs from workstation
  • Automatic transfer to web site
  • Export to any ad layout system
  • Tear sheet and blind box mailing labels and reports
  • Support for remote pagination
  • Improved customer search


  • Generate on-screen or print
  • Complete standard report set
  • Customized or user-generated reports
  • Import report data into spreadsheet or mail merge
  • Deferral & accrual


  • Easy rate maintenance
  • Modular pricing
  • Combination rates by publication or zone
  • Quantity and length sliding scales
  • Flexible calculations adapt to any rate structure or promotion
  • Agency discounts
  • Rate by size, day of the week, number of insertions, etc.
  • Automatic creation of premium position and color


  • Automatic credit checking during ad creation
  • Customer account status look-up
  • Built-in on-line credit card verification
  • Automatic credit checking on running ads
  • Credit check on ad text phone number


  • Automatic call-back generation
  • Appointment scheduling and tracking
  • Import prospect database
  • 3rd party interfaces


  • Contract template creation
  • Customer contract assignment
  • Contract fulfillment tracking
  • Earned rate calculation
  • Short rate calculation


  • Complete customer information, history and notes
  • Multiple addresses
  • Industry code tracking
  • Relationship tracking
  • Multiple salespersons per account


  • Back-to-front, front-to-back
  • Automatic class display placement
  • Squaring front or back
  • Look ahead to best fill space


  • View ad order and schedule changes
  • All changes logged by user, date and time
  • Unlimited notes field


  • Rule-based, customizable security by groups
  • Hold ads automatically
  • Discount approval by supervisors



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