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Falcon Editorial Online, or FEO, is a browser-based publishing system not unlike the full FALCON EDITORIAL CLIENT. Whether you are working inside or outside the office on Windows, Mac or Linux, FEO is a simple low-cost solution for any publisher in the 21st century. Using FEO is as simple as going to a website and logging in.

Once you are logged in, you will be able to:

  • See queues filled with the stories, photos, pages, graphics, etc. that are in the system,
  • Check out and edit stories and photos,
  • Open stories in a read-only preview window with a single click,
  • File new stories, photos, graphics, etc. directly into the appropriate queue,
  • Preview the photos, graphics and pages in the system,
  • Change statuses of individual elements depending on their path through the editing process,
  • Move or copy stories between queues,
  • Advance stories in their workflow.

FEO can be accessed from virtually any modern Web browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera, etc.), from any operating system (Windows, Mac, Linux). The stories you edit or file can be edited from any computer in Word -- or any other word processor that can save a .doc file (such as the free OpenOffice).

If you are using FEO in combination with the full Falcon client, you can even run InCopy, and still use Word or OpenOffice to write or edit your stories via FEO. They will automatically open in InCopy when opened through Falcon Editorial.

FEO includes many content management features, such as controlling access to content for different types of users. Stories being edited by one person cannot be worked on by another person concurrently.

Newsrooms are quickly adapting to new technology and processes to keep up with the changing climate in the industry. People work and edit remotely, stories can be filed from any venue with an Internet connection and, more and more frequently, publications based in two or more cities are being paginated in a central location. FEO combines today's technology with tomorrow's needs.

Lower Operating costs:

Using FEO a publisher can lower operating costs. It is specifically designed to consolidate and use servers and IT resources more efficiently. Several papers, magazines etc. can be run off a single server.

FEO requires no software on the user's computer. An internet browser and an internet connection is all a person needs to be securely connected to the editorial system which could be many miles away.

Such a set up could also make it easier to share common content among the different publications if that is desired.

FEO can either be set up on your servers or we can host it for you as a SaaS (Software as a Service) solution.

Some of the benefits of such a set up are:

  • Reduce number of servers needed to lower hardware costs and time needed to administer servers
  • No client software to install for those using FEO, which means less IT work
  • FEO can be used with Open Office, saving cost on Word upgrades
  • Getting part-time employees and stringers content is made simple, direct and fast with FEO
  • Anyone with a login can get access to the editorial system from anywhere, even at a sports event or community assignment
  • FEO software upgrades are covered by your maintenance agreement, giving you always the latest in technology
  • FEO requires no Citrix or Terminal Services set up
  • A user can learn to use FEO in just a few minutes

We would be glad to provide a demonstration of the new features and modules at your earliest convenience.

FEO has been one of the most popular products we have ever released, and we are continuing to expand its scope and features. A new upgrade has just been released for it. It is perfect for any publisher in the 21st century.

You can see case studies of publishing groups that implemented FEO to reduce operating expenses and increase efficiency, on our LinkedIn Group "Falcon Publishing CMS".

Or just contact us directly by phone or email.


As you can read in the case studies mentioned above, FEO up-time is extremely high and above 99%.


FEO has built-in host intrusion prevention that will guard against attacks of any kind. Contact us for more information on how FEO was designed to keep our network and digital assets safe.



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