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Falcon Online Classifieds Order Entry

  • Franklin, IN just launched one of APT's newest features that allows the newspaper to send an email notice to a classified customer to remind them that their ad is expiring soon. This can include classified liners only, classified display only, or both types of ads in Falcon OE. Thanks to Mike Brogdon and his team in Franklin, IN for their hard work in getting this feature fully tested and implemented.
  • Freedom ENC, located in Jacksonville, NC, launched their Online Only and Print Ad with Enhanced Web Text/Multiple Photo features today. These ads will be posted to the web immediately after approval by the newspaper. They join Westminster, MD (Carroll County Times) and Hutchinson, KS (Hutchinson News) in using some of APT's newest online features! Thanks to Lynnell Burch and Heidi Lashley for your great work!

Click here to view Falcon Online Classifieds Step 1-Step 7 ad placement process.

Falcon Online Classifieds Version 3.1.5 provides a robust, easy-to-use, real-time, online classified ad placement interface that seamlessly integrates with your existing Falcon Advertising Order Entry application. The Falcon Online Classifieds 3.1.5 sets a new standard in performance and reliability. If you demand the most from your online classifieds, this system was designed for you.

Our latest version has even more flexibility with step-by-step ad creation which provides end users all the tools and info for customized ad composition. It also includes 100% customizable layouts, powerful ROI boosting ad builders and more...

Step 1 - Online ClassifiedsStep 2 - Online ClassifiedsStep 3 - Online ClassifiedsStep 4b - Online ClassifiedsStep 5 - Online Classifieds

Benefits include:

  • Seamless integration with Falcon Order Entry - no more copy and pasting necessary
  • 24/7 ad entry
  • Clear and easy-to-use end-user web interface
  • Unlimited ad classifications from A to Z
  • Multiple run combinations and rate packages
  • "New Today" or "First Run" logo insertion
  • Multiple up-sell prompts such as centering, bold, border, rain insurance, background colors, etc. deliver special offers to end-users and adds to your online revenue results
  • Attention getters that can be category specific
  • Visual scheduling with support for holiday and other calendar deadlines
  • Customizable ad builders to maximize customer results
  • Secure registration and ordering
  • Image upload capabilities- Includes photo, logos and videos
  • Web-to-web placement features including expanded online text and photos
  • Review, Renew & Cancel features
  • "Manage My Account" functionality


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