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AdSemblyLine is a powerful template driven ad production engine. Your designers create groups of templates for the different types of ads or notices to be produced. It is ideal for service directory and automotive ads, obituaries and celebration notices. Users just select a template, paste their text into a form and attach their photo(s) to create their display ad.

Falcon Online Obituaries/Celebrations

Self-service obituaries and death notices offer newspapers a streamlined process to dramatically increase revenue in both print and web products. A complete proof and final pricing, either rated by linage or by the inch, is instantly available for the funeral home director or the family member's approval. Once completed and approved, the notice is exported for printed publication and uploaded to or EverTalk. Funeral homes and family members have typically found preparing obituaries a time-consuming and intimidating process. However, with APT's new self-service portal, both funeral directors and family members have quickly embraced this streamlined process of creating obituaries and death notices.

Falcon Online Obituaries/Celebrations Ad Placement

List of Features

  • Streamlines the full obituary and death notice process including pagination
  • Creates efficiencies within the newspaper
  • Increases revenue stream dramatically
  • Allows funeral directors and family members to submit orders on their own
  • Seamless interface to Falcon Order Entry so there is no copy/paste required
  • Uses same pricing table as in-house orders. No need to maintain a separate pricing table.
  • Protects the obituary and death notice revenue for the newspapers
  • Customized packages, deadlines and upsells for print and web
  • Hosted in the Cloud
  • Affordable pricing for any size newspaper

For further information or to request a product demonstration, please contact Joe Kennedy at or 818-557-3035 x124.

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