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Falcon Pagination Pro - Classified Pagination

Purpose built for Classified Pagination, it knows about house ads, straps, classifications, multi-column headings and display ad stacks. It is designed to be able to lay out a typical classified section by itself with practically no operator intervention and can be set to square off predetermined classifications.

Control of the Page

Display ads and whole classifications can be moved interactively around the page or to any page. Even individual lineage can be moved within a classification, if desired to give a better fit. Manual ad positioning is helped by the quickest WYSIWYG page preview in the industry.

Ads & Straps

Headers, whether simple boxed text or elaborate graphics are automatically inserted at the beginning of classifications, or at the top of every column, according to the selected style. Display ad banners are handled automatically. Multiple headers for each classification can be specified.

Control of Lineage

Individual line ads can even be moved out of strict sorting order in a classification to fine tune the fit of the page. The original sorting order can be restored with the click of the mouse to return the classification to the original sorting.

Automatic Reservations

Space for display and semi display ads can be reserved so that classified line ads flow around them. Reserved display ads can easily be moved into a block of lineage ads, giving maximum flexibility in page fitting.


It works seamlessly with Falcon Classified Advertising and is the only comprehensive classified pagination solution that can work with virtually any classified database by supporting PostScript and ASCII classified sort files. It also integrates with Falcon Ad Layout for pre-placement of classified display ads.

Backward Flow

Many publications prefer to make up their classifieds from the back. For example, the classified spill could be placed on a page in the sports section. Pages flowed forward or backward are created using the same flow algorithms and styles. Even long liners and multi-column ads flow and turn around correctly when flowed backwards.


Falcon Pagination Pro color elements can include banners, headers, display ads, logos and even lineage text.

Long Liners

For legals and public notices, it handles the requirements of long liners and semi-displays. The system can automatically wrap long liner ads when such ads exceed the column depth of the publication.

Large Publications

The program is designed to handle the largest publications, very high performance flow, re-flow; preview and print functions allow sections consisting of 100s of pages to be processed in seconds on standard PC hardware. Features such as multiple automatic headers available for each classification, enhance the look of your classified pages.



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